He’s been in our world for three years now. And it’s been better because of him.

This three year old delights my soul on a daily basis. He is sweet and quick tempered, naughty and silly, funny and hyper, strong willed and seriously serious.

He is everything I ever dreamed of. And then even a little more.

It’s the greatest thing in the world to watch him grow and learn and become a brave little boy.

There is always that line in movies ” you make me want to be a better me” and Liam is the recipient of those words for me.

I can’t believe he is already a three year old, dinosaur loving, train obsessed, school bus crazy little boy.

He fly’s around the house as a super hero yelling “save the day” , pretends to be a Lion screaming “Im going to eat you”

He plays doctor and assures you before every shot ” it won’t hurt, it’s just a toy”

when his brother gets under his skin he shouts” go away Jude”

when he is caught sneaking his food under the table to the dogs he says ” but he likes it, mama”

when he asks for Apple Jacks in the morning and I tell him we don’t have any he says ” your mama has them”

I can’t believe that, what seems like just yesterday, he was laid upon my chest for the very first time and now his little voice fills up the corners of our house with his brilliant imagination bouncing of our walls and making us laugh every single day.

three of the best years ever, have been had because of this little boy. Happy (late) birthday, my precious little man!


the aviator

Our Halloween evening was a special one… we painted pumpkins, Liam went trick or treating for the very first time (last year it was snowing), then we carved our pumpkin, and all of us snuggled up on the couch to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It’s how we hope to end all of our future Halloween nights. And now we are wrapping gifts and decorating late into the night, for a little someone’s 3rd birthday!!


We met Sandy on Monday and she was pretty good to us, thankfully. We bunkered down in our house, caught up on our tv shows, and made peanut butter stuffed french toast. It was a nice family day, safe inside the walls of our little house.

Thinking of all of those who didn’t come out as fortunate as we did….

*the photo is of the day after the storm. The waves were still coming up over the sea wall and yes that wave you see there landed in my car. Yes, in my car.


Little Jude, I’m not even sure how a year has gone by, but here we are celebrating your first year of life today! I can’t even begin to describe how special you are to me. It’s like the moment we met my heart expanded even more than I thought possible.  It is a complete honor to be your mama. I want to hold you in my arms forever and keep you safe from all harm, but I know that I can’t, and take comfort that God will be holding you in his hands in all the moments I have to let you go. I can feel it in my bones how exceptional you are going to be. You are just a baby yet somehow I know that you are going to be the constant rock in our family. You are still the best behaved child, your disposition amazes everyone. You give kisses and hugs, and say mama and dada. I crave you when you are away in your room sleeping soundly. I miss your smell and am always anxious too snuggle you for a bit after we have been away from one another. I am so insanely lucky to have you as my child, you make every moment infinitely better.

Jude August Desmond Daigle, I love every little part of you, inside and out. And I always will.

love Mama



On Monday we celebrated 6 years of marriage. It’s pretty crazy to think about how we tried to fill our wedding day up with things that reminded us of New England in the fall. Everything from our color scheme to the flowers to the Church were planned with this place in mind. And now we live here. It was something we always talked about but I wouldn’t have guessed that it would have happened this early on in our marriage.

6 wonderful years filled with more memories than one girl should be lucky enough to have. It’s been an adventure, and I picked the best partner to explore this life with.

love you, Sam.


You have blessed me beyond reason.


Hey kids, rumor has it that the remote control in your hotel room is the dirtiest thing in it. True Story.

So here is what I do. Grab that plastic bag draped in your ice bucket….

And turn it into a little glove for your remote control.


I’m so good at this D.I.Y stuff.


a end summer’s eve

It took 29 years, but I think this was my best summer ever. And it was simply because I spent everyday with a two year old who was finally at an age where he could really experience what we were doing. We have a little chalk board in our kitchen, which I suppose would make more sense to have a list of groceries written on it, but ours has our list of activities that we want or hope to be able to do during the season. This summer was the first time we did that and it seemed to really help get those ideas to the forefront of our thoughts, where, as times before we would mention what we wanted to do but never get around to it because we forgot about it.

This summer feels like it was more of a summer for Liam, seeing as his little brother was in a stroller or being held for most of our outdoor activities. These pictures are such a gift to me, I can’t believe how much this little kid changed throughout the summer. Not just in size; his body seems longer, leaner, and his face looks like it has lost some of his baby fat, but also in the sense of his personality. This summer his vocabulary boomed, he can carry on a conversation with you, making sure to take note in the tiny details that actually make it entertaining. His imaginary play has had so much growth in it as well. He will sit and talk to himself and play pretend for hours.

Summer 2012 saw Liam get over his fear of sand and actually turn the beach into his favorite place. It saw his friendship with his baby brother become something stronger and more tangible. This summer he had two boat rides, swims in hotel pools, his first ice cream truck experience, the zoo, a carnival. Summer days spent downtown running through Frog Pond with his clothes on, multiple carousel rides, visits from his Grammie, Aunt Cindy and cousins Lauren and Jillian. He trasitioned to a big boy bed and learned how to put himself to sleep for the first time in his life. He was introduced to the blue icee at Target. He swam in a couple of different lakes throughout the state, and visited cape cod twice. He stayed at the dirtiest hotel imaginable, which led to tears from his parents but will give us the gift of laughter for years to come. He became familiar with family movie nights, did away with watching cartoons or movies during the day, and instead spent hours upon hours playing in his play room. He got his hair cut, his first black eye, and fell down the stairs. He visited museums, libraries, and book stores. He picked berries, and apples and peaches. Fed Deer, and dogs and horses. And we ended our summer with a trip to California.

It was an incredible gift this past summer, one that will go down in the books as being one of the greatest.